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Buzz Words

Social Enterprise: An organization that generates revenue by selling a product or service to advance its mission of delivering social value.

Legacy City: A place with a population of at least 50,000 that has lost more than 20% of its peak population (source: Lincoln Land Policy Institute).

Capacity Building: Developing the skills and abilities to complete necessary tasks within an organization. At SIPI, we work with visionary leaders to put tools, resources and procedures in place that enable them to advance their organization's mission.

Current Projects

Defining Social  Enterprise in Legacy Cities

In a competitive selection process, SIPI was chosen to work with the Michigan State University Center for Community Economic Development on a project to Define and Advance Social Enterprises in Legacy Cities. We'll be presenting the project during their Innovate Michigan Summit

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Capacity Building with the Ruth Mott Foundation

SIPI is working with the Ruth Mott Foundation to provide capacity building support to three of its grantees. Through this partnership, we are working with Foundation staff to support the mission of grassroots organizations in North Flint. 

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